Environment Health & Safety

DCM Engineering Products and all its employees commit themselves to create and continuously maintain the work environment which is safe, healthy and pollution free.


We commit ourselves to:

  • • Protect the Health and Safety of people.
  • • Protect the Environment.
  • • Adopt the best SHE practices of global industry for continual improvement.
  • • To comply the applicable Legal Requirements related to environment.
  • • Promote Safety and Healthy Environment Culture among all the employees.
  • • Ensure commitment from our contractors to manage SHE in line with the company’s policy.


It is our collective goal to eliminate all injuries,occupational illnesses,unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.

Sustainable development will be achieved through contributing to building a strong,responsive and competitive economy (economic role),supporting strong, vibrant and healthy communities (social role) and conservation of resources and reducing, reusing & recycling the waste (environment role).

We strive to be an organization that is transparent and follows relevant laws and regulations.

We employ people who are competent for the work they undertake.Training – along with knowledge, experience and skill helps develop such competence.

In DCM Engineering Products EHS is a priority from the top down and every employee is responsible for making it a green and incident free foundry. We also encourage our business associates to uphold the highest levels of EHS practices.The organization is currently ISO 14001:2004 certified.