Research & Development

In-house Research & Development facility with latest software – Pro Engineer, Tebis etc.

In-house Pattern manufacturing facilities including LORAMENDI Gripper. All CNC machines networked with CAM

Technical Tie-up with Azterlan, Spain & IIT, Ropar

In House Simulation

Siamese Tooling capability helps us in reducing the wastage and increasing productivity

MAGMASOFT® simulation capabilities provide thorough understanding of mould filling, solidification, mechanical properties, thermal stresses and distortions.

Core Making Capabilities

Wide range of equipment available for following technologies:-
Cold Box
Shell Core
Various washes capability to suit product requirement viz. Graphite, Zircon, Arkopal, Forecoat,CAC wash, Tellurium etc.

Technology No. of Machines Plate Size in mm
Cold Box 21 1100x850x400
Hot Box - Shutter 07 1140x890x350
Shell 35 900x900x400
Loramendi 3 (40 ltr) 1300x100
Loramendi 2 (65 ltr) 1100x900

Advanced Melting Capabilities

Real Time Vision Based Control System installed for Automatic Pouring of Molten Metal with inoculants feeding & temperature measurement.

The vision system as a closed-loop, self-compensating automatic pouring system increases the productivity and reliability of the casting process by eliminating the costly over pours and short pours.

In-House Fettling

We have installed two Maus Machines to do cylinder block fettling having capacity of 1000 MT approx.

All loramendi blocks are fettled at MAUS machines.

Proof Machining

Machining with nearby machining vendors.Supplying machined Heads to Mahindra.Exporting machined Heads to Perkins, UK

Developed fully machined Blocks & Heads for Daimler LDT Engine.In-house set-up for doing proof machining of Blocks

GOM 3D White Light Scanner

White Light Scanner is a topography system Working with two cameras to correctly & precisely capture 3D topographic of the object under scanning. It is being used for tooling inspection, core & casting inspection, Preventive maintenance of tooling.

Sand Mixing Capabilities

Lampe Automatic and Loramendi cold box sand mixing & distribution system

Homogenous core sand mixture ensures consistency in sand properties and reduced gas generation

Exactly reproducible binder dosage ensures appropriate strength of cores resulting in right core hardness and reduced core breakage

Automatic Core Cell

Auto Core Cell gives highest level of dimensional accuracies, reduced core breakage and high productivity.

Assembled cores will be the output of Auto Core Cell resulting in castings with minimal weight variation from the Design weight.

Parting line fins and Mismatch will be minimal thus reducing excessive fettling.

Melting Facilities

Furnace Plant -1 Plant-2
Type Medium Frequency Medium Frequency
Make Herman Line (US) Kunkel Wagner (German)
No. of Furnaces 3 3
Melting Rate MT/hr 8.0 7.8
Auto Pouring (press pour) 1 Machine 1 Machine
Capacity MT/hr 8.0 7.8

Moulding Lines

Moulding Line Herman Kunkel Wagner
Flask Size 1140x810x406 mm 900x800x350 mm
Moulds / Hour 50 120
Technology High Pressure Moulidng High Pressure Moulidng/ Air Press